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Wisconsin (Foregger)

Fiber Optic Blades

The Wisconsin blade with a straight spatula and flange that expands slightly toward the distal portion of the blade. This feature increases the visual field and reduces the possibility of trauma during intubation. The distal portion of the blade is wider and formed slightly to the right to better adapt to lifting the epiglottis.


  • 4.0mm diameter F.O. bundle with more than 5,500 individual fiber strands.
  • Equipped with detachable Fiber light carrier. The light carrier can be taken out and repolished 5 times in case of surface damage due to improper use or accident.
  • High quality fibers ensuring excellent light transmission. 7,000 lux with 2.5V Xenon lamp, 12,500 lux with 3.5 V Xenon lamp, 18,000 lux with 2.5V LED lamp and 30,000 lux with 3.5V LED lamp.
  • Autoclavable up to 134°C approximately 2,000 times. No adverse affect in using ETO, Steam Autoclaving.
  • Can sustain Plasma Sterilization. (STERRAD 100NX)

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