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Miller Port

Fiber Optic Blades

The Miller-Port is a modification of the Miller blade that allows the individual to perform laryngoscopy and intubation with less risk of hypoxia. Built into the Miller 0 and Miller 1 blade is a tube that permits delivery of oxygen or other gas mixtures during intubation.


  • 4.0mm diameter F.O. bundle with more than 5,500 individual fiber strands.
  •  Equipped with detachable Fiber light carrier. The light carrier can be taken out and repolished 5 times in case of sever damage due to improper use or accident.
  • High quality fibers ensuring excellent light transmission. 7,000 lux with 2.5V Xenon lamp, 12,500 lux with 3.5 V Xenon lamp, 18,000 lux with 2.5V LED lamp and 30,000 lux with 3.5V LED lamp.
  • Autoclavable up to 134°C approximately 2,000 times. No adverse affect in using ETO, Steam Autoclaving.
  • Can sustain Plasma Sterilization. (STERRAD 100NX) 

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