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Mark III LED Handles

Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles

Introducing the new LED laryngoscope handle to provide bright-white illumination, whilst retaining all the features of existing Mark III Xenon laryngoscope handles.


  •  Median life span of 50,000 hours ensure no replacement of LED ever in the lifetime of the handle.
  •  120,000 lux bright-white light output with 2.5V and 170,000 lux with 3.5V handle.
  • Maximized use of batteries due to low power consumption.
  • Simple construction makes it lighter in weight to all other handles in the market.
  • Long Life, with 3 years Warranty.
  • Available in 2.5V & 3.5V respectively.
  • Autoclaving can be performed
  • The color temperatue of 5500K and CRI > 80, colors are available as they are. 



810-560-25 - Medium, 2.5V

810-562-25 - Small, 2.5V

810-561-35 - Medium, 3.5V

810-563-35 - Small, 3.5V

810-568-25 - Stubby, 2.5V


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