Fiber Optic Cables

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Soft Type F.O. Cables

2With over 25 Years of experience and a specialized manufacturing setup, Medical Devices laryngoscopes are proven to be exceptionally reliable and durable. These are made from Superior quality materials and are subjected to strict quality control measures. Our Laryngoscope systems are not only designed to be more efficient, but also to be the most economical.

Maxlite Laryngoscopes are built with an integrated Fiber Optic bundle with no cavities to trap dirt or body fluids, thus allowing the blade to be easily cleaned and decontaminated. This contributes largely to the elimination of cross infection.


  • Cover tubing is flexible and strong.
  • Silicon cover tubing does not deteriorate like rubber and latex sheathings.
  • High density fiber packing maximize light transmission.
  • Protective tubing thickness is designed to match the diameter of encased fiber bundle providing the optimal protection.
  • Surgical stainless steel end fittings resist wear and corrosion better than aluminum and chrome plated brass.
  • Highly polished fiber ends ensure maximum light transmission.
  • Tough epoxy resist end fitting securing and moisture penetration – to cable life.
  • The Standard Adaptor is used for Halogen Cables to be connected with Halogen light source.
  • The Quartz Glass Adopter can only be used for specially designed cables to be connected with Xenon light source.



830-451-18 - F/O Cable, Ø 3.5mm x 1.8m

830-452-23 - F/O Cable, Ø 3.5mm x 2.3m

830-465-30 - F/O Cable, Ø 3.5mm x 3.0m

830-476-18 - F/O Cable, Ø 4.8mm x 1.8m

830-477-23 - F/O Cable, Ø 4.8mm x 2.3m

830-490-30 - F/O Cable, Ø 4.8mm x 3.0m



830-453-18 - F/O Cable, Ø 3.5mm x 1.8m

830-454-23 - F/O Cable, Ø 3.5mm x 2.3m

830-466-30 - F/O Cable, Ø 3.5mm x 3.0m

830-478-18 - F/O Cable, Ø 4.8mm x 1.8m

830-479-23 - F/O Cable, Ø 4.8mm x 2.3m

830-491-30 - F/O Cable, Ø 4.8mm x 3.0m


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