ENT Operating Laryngoscopes

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Medical Devices’s Operating Laryngoscope is made by high quality stainless steel with fiber optic light carrier, available in all sizes such as small, medium, large, pediatric and adult. Fiber optic light carrier is compatible with all fiber optic cables of famous brands, 4mm fiber optic light carrier provide more bright and focused light for a clear vision. Connectors for use with other manufacturer’s projectors are available but standard model is supplied with Storz connector. One Set of Operating Laryngoscope contains Kleinsasser Laryngoscopes Blades with Round or Oval Frontal Tip in assorted size (small, medium, large as well as pediatric and adult), Chest Support (Child and Adult), Riecker Kleinsasser Chest Support Holder, Light Guide (Small, Medium, Large) and Smoke Evacuation Tube) etc.


Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscopes

823-104-01 - Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, for Pediatrics130mm, Round Tip, Distal Opening 10.5mm

823-103-01 - Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, for Children 150mm, Round Tip, Distal Opening 10.5mm

823-102-01 - Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, Small 180mm for difficult anatomical circustances, Round Tip, Distal Opening 11.5mm

823-101-01 - Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, for Medium 180mm, Round Tip, Distal Opening 13.5mm

823-100-01 - Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, for Adult 180mm, Round Tip, Distal Opening 15.0mm

823-105-01 -  Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, Adult for Anterior Commissure, 18.0cm

823-106-01 - Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscope, Adult for Long Neck, Anterior Commissure, 22.0cm



Kleinsasser Operating Laryngoscopes

823-110-21 - Riecker Kleinsasser Chest Support with Rod for Adults, 34cm

823-110-11 - Riecker Kleinsasser Chest Support with Rod for Children, 24cm

823-110-24 - Riecker Kleinsasser Chest Support Frame, Child, 24cm

823-110-34 - Riecker Kleinsasser Chest Support Frame, Adult, 34cm

823-110-01 - Riecker Kleinsasser Chest Support Holder for 823-110-24 and 823-110-34



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