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Sigma 1000

The Dermatoscope provides the general physicians and specialists a reliable method of examination of pigmented lesions and early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. A proper examination of the skin allows a proper comparison between the initial melanoma and other pathologies, enabling melanocytic and non-melanocytic structures to be distinguished. This procedure enables early detection and treatment of skin cancer and other frequently occuring skin diseases.


  • All metal construction for durability.
  • Bayonet locking system for easy engagement and disengagement from the handle.
  • 2.5V Xenon illumination of the examination field.
  • High Resolution achromatic lenses system with 10x magnification.
  • Adjustable focusing Eyepiece for a large correction range.
  •  Choice of two skin-friendly and sterilizable contact plates.
  • •  With scale from 0 – 10mm for exact measurement of pigmented skin lesions.
  • •  Without scale.
  • Soft eyepiece protection.



808-550-25  SIGMA 1000 Dermatoscope set with 2 contact plates in case

808-550-06  Contact plate with scale

808-550-07  Contact plate plain

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